Coronavirus Information


Updated: 5-7-2020

We are receiving over $570,000 for assistance with those who
have been affected by coronavirus.  We are waiting for the contract
from TDHCA, and it is expected to be here by May 11th.

Energy Assistance
We are receiving $1.2 million for assistance with utility bills.
This money will likely help with electric, gas, water, and broken appliances.
It should start by May 11th as well.  Applications for assistance are at

Head Start
We are still waiting on work regarding the opening of our new
Early Head Start campus.  Look for news very soon.  We are also
getting funds from the CARES Act.  Look for announcements about these
changes as well.  Staff is working hard on all the changes.

We now have some money for emergency rent payments.
Email to learn about the process for
your clients/parents.  Employees are not eligible for this money.

We have two Payee clients and we are taking care of them.  If you know
someone who needs an organizational payee, email

We are not receiving any additional funds.  We have funds currently.  We are, however,
continuing the program until at least June 30, 2021.  This is good news.
If you know a Veteran who needs assistance, email

I hope all of you are staying safe.

I want to send out some shouts.

Kishina Shaw was the first person to complete Courses A and B of the professional development.

Kay Nelms was the first person to send the required certificates.

Amy Perales was the only employee to volunteer to help when we offered
TAs $2 per hour extra to process applications.  Even though she is not a TA,
kudos to Amy for stepping up.

Thanks to Heather Humphries for testing many of the new features
we have been trying to implement.

Congrats to Kisha Chambers for hiring three new staff persons.

Yay to Bridgette Parton who, even though she works a lot from home,
answers my questions as fast as I can ask them.

Super kudos to Kwantesia Jacobs who provided 229 services in the month of April.

Here are just a few more folks who are staying busy...

Alma Harrison logs the mail daily.
Jim, Brian, and Kyonte are getting our remote capabilities enhanced.
Berny is, well, you know how Berny is.  She's busy.
HSMB and campus staff have been supplying children with activities.
Rene, Haley, and others have been keeping communication open with clients.

The Service Department has been keeping our grounds up.
(That task is hard, and we will need our custodians to start doing that very soon.
Tommy will set the schedule)

There are some changes below (they are in blue).

All CSNT staff are to shelter in place as directed by their local gov'ts.

No personnel are to report to work until at least June 1 without permission.

The following persons have been given permission to enter the workplace
subject to occupation limits and safety precautions:

Executive Director

Executive Assistant

Finance Department (as needed, directed by the Chief Financial Officer)

Human Resources Director (only as needed)

Director of Client Services
(and those designated by the Director)

Information Technology Coordinator

Assistant IT Coordinator (only as needed)

VetServicesNow Case Manager (only as needed)

Payee Case Manager (only as needed)

Head Start Director

Minimal staff as directed by Head Start Director
(scheduled staff at HSMB, and campus staff according to the plan starting May 18)

Service Department (only as directed by Executive Director)

If you are not getting our text blasts, email me at with your
Cell Phone number (that accepts text)
I'll put you in the system and you'll start getting the texts.
The last text was:
All CSNT staff are to shelter in place as directed by their local gov'ts.
No personnel are to report to work until at least April 20 without permission.

All of the counties in our service area have, or are about to, issue shelter-in-place resolutions.
It is imperative that you follow the CDC recommendations
for hand-washing, social distancing, etc.


Additional staff will be needed to process CSBG and CEAP applications
when the CSBG-D(special) and the LIHEAP funds arrive.

The Office of Head Start offered guidance saying that Head Start employees
can help during this crisis even outside of Head Start.

CSNT is offering Teaching Assistants an opportunity to earn extra pay
while being off due to the coronavirus.

This opportunity may be opened to other staff, but currently is only
offered to Teaching Assistants who have:
• a valid CDA credential
• a computer at their home
• fast Internet service at their home
• the ability to work at least four hours per day / three days per week at home

Those who want to be considered should send an email to:

If you are selected for this training and processing assignment, you will:
• receive training on how to use Shah Software
• receive training on how to process CSBG and CEAP assistance
• receive your normal Head Start pay without interruption
• receive an additional $2.00 per hour for the time spent training and processing
• receive the additional pay from programs other than Head Start
• receive special recognition from the agency



While Head Start Lead Teachers are at home, we expect you to use the time

to improve upon your skills; those you might need in the classroom and out.

Thus, we will be requiring staff to complete certain online courses during this time away from the workplace.

Expect to get your first course soon.

When you are given the course to take, you will be required to create an account at

You can go and create your account now.  It will save you time.

All staff will eventually be required to take at least one course from this site.